Nieuws - 8 september 2011

Van Arendonk receives an honorary doctorate from Poland

On 13 September Johan van Arendonk, Professor of Animal Breeding and Genetics, will receive an honorary doctorate from the University of Poznan in Poland.

The Poznan University of Life Science praises Van Arendonk's global reputation in the field of modern genetics and livestock breeding. It also notes his work in education, such as the creation of the European Master degree in Animal Breeding and Genetics.

'I have been working with the faculty of agriculture in Poznan for some time now', explains Van Arendonk. 'I gave a course in Poznan in 1994 and that led to the exchange of students. Since then, six Polish students have obtained a Master's degree in Wageningen in the subject of animal breeding. One Polish student obtained a PhD here and two others are now working on their PhDs. We also exchange staff. This is why Poznan nominated me for an honorary doctorate.' It will be handed over next week during celebrations to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the faculty of agriculture in Poznan.