News - August 30, 2012


Think the Oxford English Dictionary is old-fashioned? Check the words that have appeared in the online version since last week. Tweeps are followers on Twitter, lolz is a way of expressing pleasure, ridic is a hip abbreviation of ridiculous. Less familiar to the Resource editors is the jolly word vajazzling. Can you guess? It means decorating the female genitals with crystals, glitter and other adornment. Pretty ridic.

Good night
It is possible to learn in your sleep, scientists at the Weizmann Institute have demonstrated. They exposed sleeping test subjects to combinations of tones and smells. After they woke up a tone was enough to evoke the matching response to the smell. A classic case of conditioning. The question now is: what can you learn in your sleep? Aim: to sleep through lectures.
Do the sums
Young people are bad at arithmetic. Not you, of course,  dear learned reader. Test yourself? comes up with a couple of sums for every weekday. You can receive them in your inbox, to get the grey matter working. Three sums and a puzzle. If you divide 800 fives by seven, what do you get?
Sex strike
Women in Togo will refuse to sleep with their husbands for a week if the president does not step down. 'We have many ways of getting men to understand what women in Togo want', says one of the organizers. The logic of this form of protest escapes us somewhat, but we are pondering whether something of the sort could be applied to get rid of the slow student fine, for example.