News - January 24, 2008

VHL wants new director quickly

The joint representative advisory body (GMR) of Van Hall Larenstein has made it clear to board member Martin Kropff that a new director must be found quickly. ‘An unfilled vacancy will do the hogescholen no good,’ said GMR chair Ad Bot at an extra meeting on Wednesday 16 January.

Although they were not presented officially with the proposed changes in the structure of the top management layer, the Van Hall and Larenstein representative bodies agreed with the Wageningen UR Executive Board’s proposal. ‘If we had waited for the statutes to be changed, we would have ended up with a long-term interim situation,’ Bot said. The GMR wants to come to agreement on a number of points so that the application procedure for a new director can be started, and has drawn up a list of points for action. One of these is that the course directors are involved in the implementation of the proposed changes.