Nieuws - 12 mei 2010

VHL tackles sloppy spelling

'Below standard for language use' reads the sticker being trialled by VHL lecturers in Velp in an attempt to get students to improve their spelling and grammar.

'Below standard for language use' - stickers
The sticker is the Velp teachers' new weapon in the battle against bad spelling. From next week they will be sticking it onto assignments that are full of language errors. A 'below standard' sticker means rewriting and resubmitting the assignment. The idea is to get students to take more care over their work.
It is not a new idea. The Free University in Amsterdam is already using a similar sticker. 'They are very enthusiastic in Amsterdam', says Communication teacher Hans Hoenjet. 'Although no research has been done yet, people think the sticker has a positive impact on reports and other written assignments.'
VHL teachers can decide for themselves when to use the stickers. 'The irritation factor is the criterion', explains Wim Simons. He doesn't exclude the possibility of giving stickers to dyslectics either. 'Many errors can easily be prevented. That might be more work for people with dyslexia, but in the workplace they will also be expected to be thorough.'
Over the coming weeks the stickers will be trialled on a few of Velp's programmes. Participating teachers have to make do with just one sheet of stickers for the time being. 'But', says Simons, 'they are printed internally, so we can always get more printed if need be'.