Nieuws - 28 februari 2013

VHL students stay on campus for nows

VHL won't leave Forum before 2014

The students on Van Hall Laren-stein's Wageningen programmes will continue to be taught in the Forum until at least the end of 2013. They will continue to have access to IT and library facilities for the rest of this year too. This is reported in an interim update from the working group responsible for unscrambling the merger of VHL into Wageningen UR.
The accommodation in the Forum has been one of the sensitive issues in the history of the collaboration between the applied sciences university and Wageningen university. Critics thought the rent was too high. Next year the decision will be made as to whether VHL will remain in the Forum after 2013 or move to another site. A decision will also be reached on the continuation of library and IT facilities.
The working group on unscramb­ling the merger has already severed the links between VHL and Wageningen UR in several areas. Issues such as liability insurance, insurance of buildings and secondment of staff are largely already in hand or have been settled. Collaborations such as the Dairy campus and Wetsus have their own dynamics, says the working group, and can continue undisrupted.