Nieuws - 7 juni 2012

VHL pays too much for central services

VHL pays 365,000 euros too much to Wageningen UR

Van Hall Larenstein pays too much in corporate charges to Wageningen UR, concluded the working group that analysed the money flows between Wageningen UR and the applied sciences university. Just like the knowledge units, VHL pays Wageningen UR for central services such as ICT, management and communications. These corporate charges come to nearly 900,000 euros for VHL, whereas the working groups could only trace 527,000 euros to services delivered.
The working group advises abolishing the corporate charges so that VHL can buy in services separately. After all, VHL is not a Wageningen UR knowledge unit but an independent foundation with its own management structure.
The rent paid for the Forum is also relatively high. VHL pays almost a quarter of a million more for its Forum accommodation than it does for its other buildings. The high rates charged by Wageningen UR are one of the sore points getting in the way of further collaboration. During a staff meeting in January, three other sticking points emerged: the limited educational collaboration, the lack of autonomy and the dissatisfactory position of the programme directors.
Four working groups have been studying these issues and will be informing VHL staff in Wageningen, Leeuwarden and Velp about their conclusions this week and next. On 20 June, the staff will vote on whether to continue with the collaboration within Wageningen UR.
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