Nieuws - 17 januari 2013

VHL has a new board chair

Klaas van Mierlo succeeds Ellen Marks.

Klaas van Mierlo has been appointed interim acting of the VHL Board. He started his six-month contract on 15 January. Van Mierlo has his own management consultancy firm and spent five years as director of the Maastricht School of Management.
VHL's employees' council is pleased. 'Van Mierlo is open-minded, knowledgeable and he's a people person,' says council chair Michiel Hupkes. 'He'd prepared well because he already had an idea of the issues within VHL, and he is interested in the education of young people.' The interim board now consists of Rien Komen and Van Mierlo. The employees' council is not formally required to give its consent to the appointment of an acting director but the Supervisory Board still asked its opinion. Hupkes is pleased about that too. 'The new Supervisory Board consists of committed, enthusiastic people who are keen to involve the council and come across as being effective and knowledgeable.'
The Supervisory Board has also appointed Peter Vermeij to head the negotiations for the split on behalf of VHL. Vermeij has held various management positions within the ministries of Agriculture and Economic Affairs and has been vice president at the European Patent Office in Munich for the past five years.