Nieuws - 20 juni 2012

VHL decides its future today

Today marks the climax of a tumultuous year for VHL. Staff at the university of applied sciences have gathered in Zwolle to be consulted about their future.

About 350 people have gathered today, including a large number of students. They are able to vote at the end of the afternoon but their votes won't count for the final assessment. Staff can choose between a simple 'yes' or 'no' on whether they want to continue the partnership within Wageningen UR. They are also able to clarify their answer. They can base their choice on the reports by the working groups that investigated some major problems, the response to this by the Executive Board and the modified version of the Inviting Prospect, the policy document produced by the applied university. That is why these documents are being presented and discussed in detail first.
The entire Executive Board is also present. The Board has said it will be giving its response to the poll of support for the partnership at the start of next week. It will be the Board that takes the final decision. In January around 60 percent of the staff present voted in favour of continuing within Wageningen UR and nearly 40 percent voted against. This included a lot of 'yes, if' and 'no, unless' votes.

With reporting by Linda van der Nat