News - October 23, 2008

University number one again, VHL gets mediocre scores

Wageningen University gets the highest score from students for the fourth time in a row in the Higher Education Guide that will be published in December.

The de­gree programmes score 7.4, a tenth of a point higher than last year. Van Hall La­renstein gets lower scores. The average score for the programmes in Velp is 6.8, for the Leeuwarden programmes 6.5 and for those in Wageningen 6.2.
This puts the Wageningen part of VHL lowest on the list, one place lower than last year. Little could be done about the low scores for Animal Husbandry and Rural Renewal, VHL programmes in Wageningen. The scores are from last year and no survey was held for these programmes this year. At VHL Velp only Environmental Sciences and Garden and Landscape architecture were assessed this year. The latter had a good score (6.9), which put the Velp courses up to 25th place.

For the Master’s programmes, Wageningen University has to contend with Nyenrode (a private school), in the listings for the first time with a 7.6. WU scores highest among the regular universities. The Environmental Sciences Master’s programme gets the highest score: 8.2. At the top of the Bachelor's programmes is Agrotechnology with an 8. The scores are compiled from marks given for content, amount of choice, cohesion, work methods, teachers, ease of study and facilities. Wageningen students score amount of choice, teachers and facilities highest. Preparation for the labour market scores lowest.

The VHL students also score amount of choice highest, but when it comes to communication VHL only manages a 6 or gets a fail.