Nieuws - 19 april 2007

University expects lots of students next year

The Education and Research Department in the Administration Centre is expecting a big increase in the number of first-year students. Director of the department Ab Groen anticipates that extra lecture theatres and practical rooms will be needed outside the new Forum building in order to provide education to all students.

Student applications this year have been higher for a few months now, according to IB-Group figures. So far Wageningen has received 366 applications, thirty percent more than last year. Groen thinks that there will be about ten to twenty percent more first-years in September, when the new academic year starts.

Those responsible for timetabling in his department have calculated what the consequences of extra student numbers will mean for teaching space. ‘We are thinking through various scenarios so that we can avoid having to come up with emergency solutions in September.’ If there is fifteen percent growth – a cautiously optimistic scenario – the Forum building will not be big enough. Groen has therefore suggested to the Executive Board that a number of rooms be retained at De Dreijen university complex.

The number of international students may also increase. ‘It’s still very early in the year, but we’ve had more requests for information from abroad, and applications have started come in earlier than usual. We will only have definite numbers in August, though.’

The university is also discussing accommodation availability with Idealis, the student accommodation bureau. Groen and the student union WSO want to try and make more private rooms available for rent. ‘We are going to put together an information packet for people interested in renting out accommodation.’