Wetenschap - 1 januari 1970

University examines emergency housing options

University examines emergency housing options

It looks as though the shortage of accommodation in Wageningen will
increase in the next few years, and that emergency housing for students
will be needed as early as the start of the new academic year. One of the
options being considered is barracks currently used for refugees.

The student accommodation office expects a shortage of 500 – 1000 rooms by
2007. A task force composed of representatives from SSHW, the University
and the municipality of Wageningen has now been set up to look for a
suitable site for a new building and to examine the possibilities for
emergency accommodation.

According to Henk Vegter of the Education and Student Affairs Department
the task force is considering various options for emergency accommodation.
One possibility is to take over empty refugee temporary accommodation.
Vegter: “But we are also considering something like Droevendaal.