Student - April 24, 2014

Unitas licence criticized

Nicolette Meerstadt

Unitas probably cannot stay in its current accommodation on the Industrieweg. The licence which makes it possible for a youth club to be housed in the building turns out not to be valid. This was decided by the council of state Wednesday 16 April.

The reasons for condemning the licence were to do with parking standards and types of activities. Unitas chair Saskia Bosman is fed up about the decision. ‘This is a great place for us and we would like to throw parties here and to change the building to suit our taste. We think it’s a very suitable building because it is very soundproof and offers lots of scope.’ The club has been in the building, a former party centre, for two years now. Local residents objected to its presence from the start.

For the time being, holding open parties at the Industrieweg site is out of the question. The town council has 12 weeks to decide whether they will agree to the licence and if so, in what form. If the licence is withdrawn, Unitas will probably have to leave the building. If the club cannot stay on the Industrieweg, there is a chance it may be able to return to its former home on the Generaal Foulkesweg. ‘But we didn’t leave there for no reason, of course,’ says Bosman.