Nieuws - 17 maart 2011

Unitas eyes premise in industrial park De Nude

Youth association Unitas has set its sights on a new location in the industrial area in De Nude. Residents nearby are however apprehensive about noise and parking problems.

Industrieweg 42, when it was occupied by dance school Swingpoint.
The premise in which Unitas is interested is situated at Industrieweg 42. It was occupied up to last year by a dance centre. 'It has a big hall with a nice dance floor. Moreover, the hall is well-insulated because it has a 'box-within-a-box' building construction', says Suzanne Jansze, the chairperson of the building committee of Unitas. 
The youth association vacated its old premises at the Generaal Foulkesweg in June 2009 when the number of visitors dropped, making it difficult for the association to pay the rent. 'That place is way too big. The one at the Industrieweg is much smaller. It fits more with the closed and homely association which Unitas has now become', says Jansze.
LAN party
The association wants to have a place where its members can have lunches and meetings, such as for a games evening or a LAN party. 'It will also make us more approachable if members can just walk up to the management when they want to find out about something.  At present, committees often meet at someone's home.'
In the meantime, an application has been submitted to the municipality for an exemption to use the premises as gazetted. Several entrepreneurs and occupants of business premises in the vicinity have objected to this. They are afraid of nuisances such as streets full of people and bicycles and cars parked all over the place. 'We hope to iron things out with the occupants nearby. We have a plan about how to place the bicycles. And the handful of members who own cars can park these in the car park of the building', says Jansze.
It is expected that the municipality will make known its decision about the exemption within six weeks. If a go-ahead is given, Unitas hopes to move into the new premise as soon as possible. For the time being, the open Unitas parties will continue to be held in the Junushoff, and in the cafes Het Gat and De Overkant.