News - June 21, 2007

Unitas closes mensa

The mensa in the Unitas youth club in Wageningen will close this summer. The most important reason is the long-term decline in the number of people who eat at the club. The mensa will serve its last meal on Friday 29 June.

‘It was not an easy decision, but I’m glad we’ve done it,’ says Unitas board member Lotte Woittiez. ‘The mensa has been running at a loss because too few people come to eat and drink, and we don’t think we can change this trend. The Dreijen complex opposite is emptying as people move to Forum, and we are outside the centre of town.’ Unitas will rent the kitchen out to a caterer. A small kitchen will be built in the current dining room, where members can cook for other members. The dining room will be converted into a bar and space for more small-scale cultural activities. The three paid employees, two cooks and a cleaner, are likely to be made redundant. After the farewell dinner on Friday 29 June, the Unitas kitchen will only be used for new students and volunteers during the AID introduction week.