Nieuws - 15 april 2013

Unions resist 'sober' collective labour agreement for DLO

Executive Board doesn't want pay rise for DLO.
Trade unions are sounding out staff.

There is no room for a pay rise for DLO staff in the next two years. The Executive Board is going for a pay freeze in the collective labour agreement negotiations. It says market conditions are deteriorating for DLO. Revenue is falling and there is pressure on rates. Thus the Ministry of Economic Affairs will be spending less on DLO's research services in future.
The unions have now made a counteroffer of a pay increase of 2.5 percent plus an improved social policy. For example, they want job security and no more what they call 'reorganizations by the back door'. Apparently, staff with insufficient chargeable hours are losing their jobs via poor evaluations in job appraisal interviews. The unions say many staff members are fed up with this way of working.
The unions have now consulted the rank and file about the plans in meetings held at Wageningen and Lelystad. More than 100 DLO staff turned up on 3 April in Wageningen and about 60 at the ASG in Lelystad on 9 April. On 11 April the unions will be talking to their members at the LEI in The Hague. They will use this input for their negotiations with the Executive Board.