News - February 21, 2005

Union wants reorganisation

The main union at Wageningen UR, AbvaKabo, wants the loss of four hundred jobs at DLO to be treated as a formal reorganisation.

“If the disappearance of four hundred jobs doesn’t constitute a reorganisation, then I don’t know what does,” said AbvaKabo spokesman Arno Bonte. A number of unions met on Wednesday afternoon with the Executive Board of Wageningen UR to discuss the plan ‘Focus 2006’. The plan as it is presented proposes avoiding a formal reorganisation because of the high costs that would be incurred by Wageningen UR over a long period, which would be crippling. Simon Vink, spokesman for the Executive Board, confirmed that AbvaKabo is the only union that has sent in a written announcement that it intends to fight a formal reorganisation. Vink stressed however that the real negotiations have yet to start, and that the Executive Board have good arguments for adopting a gradual and tailor-made approach to the downsizing.