News - February 10, 2010

Uni-bexers rip Buddha apart

Members of Unitas and the Wageningen Student Alpine Club Ibex battled side by side in an exciting integration adventure race on Monday evening. Forty-four participants in various teams pitched their prowess against one another in events such as beer tasting, climbing, DJ-ing, play-acting and searching for 'avalanche victims' at different locations in Wageningen. Each team comprised three Ibexers and three Unitassers - a combination of sluggish hippies and friendly giants.

The theatre sport event took place in 'De Dikke Draak' Lodge. 'When one team names a person and a place, the other team has to make up an act in which these are featured and the characters eventually die', yells the female organizer above the heavy metal music.  One of the teams acted out a piece in which giant pandas ripped up the Buddha before they abruptly perished. In another performance, an angry ninja chopped up Queen Elizabeth in a pan, and then broke his neck.  
Avalanche beacons
Inside a dark building, teams with headlamps and avalanche beacons searched for a hidden sensor. 'It has to be here somewhere', exclaimed an Ibexer with a device beeping madly in his hands. 'I can't see anything at all', yelled a long hair Unitasser in panic.  They ended up finding a victim in the ceiling, above a tell-tale crooked ceiling board.
Come midnight, many can be found at 'De Dikke Draak' Lodge, chatting over a glass of beer. Asked what he thought about Ibexers, a Unitasser replied: 'They just can't keep still. They like to be here, there and everywhere and they clamber all over the place.' Another added: 'They are very nice, kind of like friendly giants.'
An Ibexer responded: 'Unitassers are a bit like sluggish hippies who smoke dope and drink a lot, but are relaxed anyway.' The Uni-bexers did agree on one thing though: all of them are somewhat alternative.