Nieuws - 18 november 2010

Two shreds of cabbage

I have: travelled all the way up north to the furthest reaches of Wageningen-UR.

I am: in  Leeuwarden, where a branch of Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences is located. I have come to find out what food is served here.
I eat: no soup today, although it's a safe bet. Instead, I have a pistolet filled with satay, peanuts and grated coconut, a hamburger 'special' and I can't help throwing in a handful of potato chips because I craved for them so while sitting in the train.
I taste: not quite the world's healthiest meal. On my pistolet are two shreds of cabbage, while the slice of tomato on my special hamburger is far from fresh. The chips are served in a boat-shaped dish. All these eaten together make a rather heavy lunch. In one corner, a girl is diligently buttering  'broodjes gezond' but despite her efforts,  I get the impression that I am in a snack bar.
I get: irritated by the mess in the canteen. At best, it is rather grubby, to avoid calling it a big eyesore. The woman with the cleaning cloth misses half of the table and hardly makes things better.
I feel: the canteen of Van Hall Larenstein is not exactly an inspiration for great scientific achievements.  But for those who love to stuff themselves full, this is a fine eating tent.
Score:  5