Student - 26 augustus 2015

Two new bloggers

Koen Guiking

The Resource blog competition has led to two winners: Carina Nieuwenweg and Kristina Simonaityte. Their stories will be published every other week on

Photos: Carina (left) and Kristina

Carina, the writer of the blog In hot pants in the classroom, is a third year student BSc Molecular Life Sciences. She was student editor for Resource for a year. An example of one of her stories is Taking the plunge: Student weddings. Carine describes her blog style as ‘criticizing, but also including self-mockery’. Before her studies in Wageningen she was training to become a pilot for the Belgian military. Unfortunately she had to stop her training, but she still flies in a glider. During one of her flights she took aerial pictures of Wageningen Campus. The military still captures her interest. During the upcoming months she will follow a minor Military Science and Leadership in Breda. ‘That is only a few hours a week. I will stay in Wageningen and undertake lots of things that I can write blogs about.’

Kristina, author of the blog Smart in Spanish, is a second year student MSc Forest and Nature Conservation. She is from Lithuania and followed a bachelor in Ecology at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland). During that time she also went to the University of California – Davis for a year. It was at that American university that Kristina debuted as an editor. She wrote a column in the university magazine California Aggie. Back in Edinburgh Kristina likewise started writing for the university paper and after her studies she became science editor for a news website in Lithuania. ‘That was supposed to be a summer job, but I stayed a full year.’ Despite all her experiences integrating in new cultures, the relocation to Wageningen was, at first, tougher than she had expected. That is sure to be valuable blogging material.

Carina and Kristina are replacing Romy Appelman and Mary Shrestha, as they both have completed their studies in Wageningen.

Other bloggers for Resource are Jan-Willem Kortlever, student Agrotechnology who was in the student council on behalf of CSF last year, and Camilla Ponte, student in International Development Studies from Italy. Recently we also have a vlogger. Derek Pan, who previously blogged, now makes video blogs in his home country China, about life between two cultures: the Dutch and the Chinese.

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  • rolf

    De plaatsnamen zijn wel eeg fonetisch geschreven ;-)
    Edinborough -> Edinburgh en Davies -> Davis

    • Koen Guiking

      Plaatsnamen zijn aangepast. Dank voor je eindredactie.