Student - June 15, 2018

Two hundred additional temporary rooms to be realised at De Dreijen

Albert Sikkema

Socius will realise 220 temporary student rooms in the wings of the former Chemistry building at De Dreijen. The housing is primarily meant to cope with the increasing numbers of international students.

The Chemistry building. © Marte Hofsteenge

The rooms should be ready on 1 September, to coincide with the start of the new academic year. Idealis will be assigning the rooms. The temporary housing will be realised for a period of six years.

Office buildings
Socius, the housing agent for young people that renovates empty office buildings to make them suitable for housing, already has temporary dorms in Wageningen. The former administrative centre of the university at Duivendal was adapted by Socius into 180 student rooms, and 96 rooms were realised in the Computechnion at De Dreijen.

Held aside
The additional rooms in the Chemistry building are necessary to deal with the increasing housing shortage in Wageningen. Especially Dutch first-year students have difficulties finding a room, because the number of students increases and the university is holding aside room for international students coming from the other continents.

Besides this windfall, there is also a setback to be found in the development of additional student rooms. The Agro Business Park has objected to the construction of 300 temporary rooms in Kortenoord. These rooms were supposed to be ready by September 2019, but the construction will be delayed by one or two years due to the procedure. Several entrepreneurs at the Agro Business Park fear that student housing next to the business park will hamper the settling of new companies.

On the positive side, Idealis will deliver the student accommodations on the Mouterij grounds this year. As of 1 November, 375 additional rooms will be available on that location.

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  • Lucas Jansen

    Beste meneer/mevrouw,

    Van een periode van begin september tot en met februari ga ik werken bij een stageplek op het campus in Wageningen. Op dit moment woon ik in de regio Rotterdam, dus heb ik liever een slaapplaats dichtbij mijn werk. Ik zoek hiervoor nog een kamer met een maandelijkse prijs van onder de €400,-. Ik vroeg mij af of er nog wat beschikbaar is en hoe ik mij hiervoor kan aanmelden.

  • wageninger

    foutje , 275 kamers op het mouterijn….