News - May 12, 2011

Two Wageningen students in national committees

The new committee members of student organisations ISO and LSVb (the national students union) leaked out via Twitter and Facebook when they all congratulated each other on their appointment. They include two Wageningen students.

A particularly alert editor of the digital university magazine DUB saw the tweets, did some detective work and arrived at the following list of committee members - including a surprising number of Utrecht students. The new ISO chair will be Sebastiaan Hameleers, a student at the Utrecht university of applied science (HU). He will have the assistance of Utrecht students Marije de Jong, Max Patelski and Tessa Timmermans. Patelski and Timmermans have represented the student party VUUR in the Utrecht University Council.
Two other members of this student party, Jelmer de Ronde and Jamili Wetzels, are joining the LSVb committee. HU student Ike Haasjes is the third committee member from Utrecht. The new LSVb chair is the only member not to come from Utrecht: this is the Wageningen Forestry and Nature Management student Pascal ten Have. Ten Have has been actively involved in the student society Sylvatica, education committees and the General Studies organization.
The current ISO and LSVb chairs have been taken by surprise by the DUB announcement as they would have preferred to present the new committee members after they had had a chance to get settled in. But they confirmed that the Dub article is almost entirely correct. Wageningen student Minke Remmerswaal is the only missing name: she is the fifth ISO committee member. Remmerswaal will be the committee's treasurer.