Nieuws - 6 juli 2006

Tuberculin contract

The British government has signed a three-year contract worth 1.7 million euros with the Animal Sciences Group (ASG) in Lelystad to maintain and supply tuberculin.

The British use tuberculin in skin tests to diagnose and control bovine tuberculosis in livestock. The contract follows on from the emergency order worth the same amount that the British placed in 2005. Another follow-up order was already placed at the start of this year for 1.7 million euros. In 2005 ASG also got a five-year contract with the Irish government to supply tuberculin. Bovine tuberculosis is still present in Great Britain and Ireland. Both countries are working hard to eradicate this dangerous disease that can be transmitted to humans. The Netherlands has managed to eradicate it, and has been officially free of bovine tuberculosis since 1992. / GvM