Nieuws - 15 september 2011

‘Try to make people enthusiastic'

Who? Louise Vet, director of NIOO
What? Lively opening of the new building, with 2,400 visitors in one day
Where? Mansholtlaan, opposite the campus
Why? Inspiring story about Cradle to Cradle and green innovations

Prince Carlos, Wim T Schipper, Jan Douwe Kroeske, Wubbo Ockels?
‘All crazy people who want to do things differently. In the world of sustainable innovation you come across each other on all sorts of podiums: TU Delft, Felix Merites, Rode Hoed, Llowlab at the Lowlands festival.'
You are bursting with enthusiasm.
‘For me the glass is half full, that is the easiest way. I was afraid that I would be marching too far ahead of the music. And it was quite difficult. For some people in the NIOO it is difficult to link their research to sustainable innovations. Take the coal tit research for example. But I am terribly proud of the fact that we now have a very innovative building. Practise what you preach.'
You made the booklet Lessons learned from the NIOO Building. The most surprising insight?
‘If you want something, don't just push it through but ask people to join you, try to make them enthusiastic. Then you can achieve more than you think.'