Nieuws - 15 december 2011

Travel documents

The Board's archive has been loaded into containers ready for the move to Atlas.

The shelving remaining behind is full of rubbish and empty files that have toppled over. The archive covers five hundred metres. Which is 2.25 million sheets of paper, according to archivist Theo Hoksbergen's calculations. He hopes this will be the last move: ‘I was there for the move in 1990 too.'
To a certain extent, the archivists are dragging a relic around. The archive is rapidly becoming digital, so they are actually managing two versions. The archive will be put on two servers as soon as they have met the legal requirements. Hoksbergen feels no nostalgia for the old-fashioned paternoster storage equipment, for instance. ‘Paper's great but I see the positive side of digitization as well.'