Nieuws - 31 augustus 2010

Transport pass of first-years defective

Some thirteen thousand first year students are having problems with their public transport travel pass (OV-chipkaart) or smart card, a situation which can last for weeks.

Initially, students could not obtain their 'reisproduct' (travel product) because the machine did not recognize their cards. Meanwhile, this problem has been solved, says a spokeswoman from Trans Link Systems, which produces the cards. 'Students can board the train again.'
But problems can still arise when checking in and out of trams, buses and the metro, she continues. Students with a defective card will receive a letter, which they should carry with them. If their card continues to be defective, they can produce this letter during inspection. The defect will be resolved in a few weeks' time and the card will again be recognized everywhere, adds the spokesperson.
What happens if the gates at the metro stations do not open? The company gives its word that this would be resolved in the next few days. Trans Link Systems is now finding out in which cities problems still exist. A list will be published on the website - HOP, Bas Belleman