Nieuws - 22 oktober 2009

Training to be a geography teacher in Wageningen

Teacher Training Minor is introduced for students who want to go into teaching. It provides a grade two qualification only.

Ten Dutch universities have introduced teacher training Minors in an attempt to combat the shortage of teachers. The Minor in Wageningen starts in January 2010. This Minor will give students a grade two teaching qualification when they finish their Bachelor's degree. This will allow them to teach in Preparatory Vocational Secondary Education (VMBO) schools, and in the first three years of Senior General Secondary Education (HAVO) and University Preparatory Education (VWO) schools.
'Quite a few students are interested but the Minor isn't necessarily the right choice for everyone who wants to teach', explains Minny Kop of the Education and Competence Studies Group. This is because students can also take a one‑year teacher training course after their Master's degree, which gives a grade one qualification.
'The Teacher Training Minor can be an option for some students. For example, some students are already involved in teaching while at university.' The Minor also teaches you how to give training courses and workshops. Some timetabling problems still have to be solved but Kop hopes to be able to start with at least ten students.
The Teacher Training Minor will allow students reading Biology or Molecular Life Sciences to teach biology or chemistry. Wageningen also aims to produce teachers in economics and geography in the near future.