News - March 31, 2005

Toxicology thriller

Marelle Boersma, who works in the sub-department of Toxicology, has written a thriller set during a diving holiday on Corsica. The book, entitled ‘Nephila’s netwerk’ will be launched on Friday 8 April in the public library in Wageningen. An independent website for thriller fans, Crimezone, has described the book as an ‘absolute winner’. Boersma dives herself and knows the Mediterranean island where her novel is set. The main character in the book hears about strange things going on underwater during a visit to the hairdresser while on a diving holiday. She decides to investigate together with an interesting diving instructor. As the story unfolds it becomes clear what the goings-on in a lab have to do with event above and under water. The book will be published in May. / YdH