News - March 16, 2011

Tour of Carnival (II)

Once I arrived at Tilburg Station, I staggered into the crowded city. The flag of Tilburg is in orange and green, different from Den Bosch's white-yellow-red. It was the only sign that helped the Chinese drunk man know where he was.

Sunset in Brabant with beautiful memory of carnival
"Hey, are you Chinese?" a pretty Dutch stopped me in the street.
"Ja, ik kom uit China." I replied in Dutch instinctively.
"Wow, you can speak Dutch?" Obviously she's surprised. "Ja, een beetje." I continued to show off my Dutch.
"Hey, would you like a beer?" The girl asked.
"Ja graag! Het is mijn eer." Haha, I was accosted by a Dutch beauty. Speaking Dutch earned me not only a drink, but another way to enjoy the life.
The pretty girl was called Anna, she's a native there. Even though living in such a small city, she said 'carnival in Tilburg is the best in the world'. What a typical Dutch!
"Hey Derek, I'm going to Hong Kong in summer, anything worth seeing?"
"Just visit the restaurants one by one, except the Dutch ones."
"Why? You don't like the Dutch food?"
"No, I like stampot, I love erwtensoep, but I think the best Dutch cuisine is always in Holland."
"Haha, you are so sweet. Could you teach me some Chinese?"
"Zeker, luister alsjeblieft: 你好靓啊!" I stared at her eyes.
"What? What did you say?" Anna was totally at a loss.
"I said you are so beautiful." I whispered in her ear.
"Haha, Derek, you are really really sweet. Thanks!" She was very happy. All girls like compliments, don't they? :-p
Time flew. After the last sip of the drink, I said goodbye to Anna and this cozy city, then took a train for my last destination: Eindhoven.
It was 17.00 already. The station was not that hustle and bustle as I expected. Following the sound of party music nearby, I finally got to the city center. There I saw more people in funny costumes. Blending into the crowds, I was busy in photo-taking with 'Iron Man', 'Super Mario', 'Mr. Simpson' and all other 'celebrities'. Unfortunately I was too tired to go on sing and dance with them. Twenty minutes later I went back to the station to end my trip.
On the train back home, the melody of 'Brabant' was ringing in my ears. Thirty years later, where would I be? If only I could get on the same train and enjoying the same beautiful sunset.
PS: It's a bit shameful to write some sweet memories when people are paying concerns to Japan. Since sand and dust are not settled yet, I can't do much but pray and wish things go well on the right way
Video of the week: Guus Meeuwis - Brabant