Nieuws - 29 september 2011

Tour de Wageningen

As the saying goes, what you lose on the swings, you gain on the roundabouts. Last weekend I wasted two free tickets for Walibi but spend a happy sunny Saturday in the Tour de Wageningen.

It was an informative tour
Actually, I came close to missing the tour: The meeting time was at 9.30, but I didn't get up till 9.15. You know, after another hectic week, a morning lie-in is my cup of tea. Thanks to my last-minute packaging ability, I rushed to the rendezvous on time.

The excursion was organized by RUW, Rural Wageningen Foundation. Four pretty Dutch girls assumed the role of tour guides and fifteen students from Vietnam, Spain, China and Tatarstan participated in the tour. Different from the ESN's City Tour in the AID day, RUW's one was focused on the surroundings of Wageningen. Similar to Tour de France, we had to cycle to different stops such as Binnenveld, Nederrijn and Arboretum. At each place organizers introduced some geography- and agriculture-related knowledge. On top of that, they had prepared a question for each stop. Do you know when Wageningen University was established´╝čOr do you know when the first Elfstedentocht (Eleven Cities Tour, an ice skating event in north Holland) was? If you think this difficult quiz is a piece of cake, congratulations: you could have won the yellow jersey in this tour. It was a pity that I wore the jersey for zero seconds as my wild guess was just too wild to be true, but I still enjoyed the game because I gained knowledge and fun.

After a bicycle tour of almost 20 km, we went back to LA 13 for a rest. Lying on the lawn, sipping a cup of juice, taking a delightful sunbath, I couldn't find a better way to enjoy this Saturday afternoon. What's more, after the Tour de Wageningen, I only realized how little I knew about this small village. Familiarity breeds contempt? Take a bike, go a bit further, more surprise and fun is waiting to be discovered.

Vid of the Week: This is the mating season of the deer and the Hoge Veluwe is an optimal location for observation