Nieuws - 20 januari 2005

Total number of new foreign students has gone down

For the first time in recent years the number of new international students has fallen. By 1 December last year, 340 new non-Dutch students had registered for courses at Wageningen University, slightly less than in the previous academic year.

Most of these students (314) have started MSc courses, and they still outnumber the number of Dutch MSc students (289). Only 26 non-Dutch students enrolled for BSc courses, in contrast to more than seventy the year before. This difference is largely due to the lower number of Chinese students this year.

The Chinese account for almost thirty percent of the international students, and are the largest group of non-Dutch students. The figures for this year show a sharp rise in the number of Greek students, from 11 to 38, putting this group in second place among the international students. / JH