Nieuws - 29 september 2011

‘Too abstract' recruitment campaign goes offline

Wageningen UR will launch a new recruitment campaign targeting high school students next week. The previous campaign, an online personality test which told students which Bachelor's programme would suit them, has been running for a year. Young people were placed in categories with imaginative names such as Nano Mysterioso or Investigo Curiosis.

According to recruitment officer Edwin Kelhout, the site has been a success: 150,000 degree course-seekers started the personality test and half of them completed it. ‘We have never had such high visitor numbers. But not enough of them clicked on to the sites of the university and VHL.'
The online test also came in for some criticism from high school students. ‘They thought it was too abstract and too advert-like', says Kelhout. ‘The choice of degree course is important, so the options shouldn't be dressed up as too exciting or wonderful. We have now decided to stick closer to the way young people feel about it.'
The new campaign works with internet banners and TV commercials on channels such as MTV, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. It will also make use of ‘preloaders', 15-second films shown while television programmes are being uploaded on sites such as
The aim of the campaign is to pull in doubtful degree course-seekers. ‘High school students go and look in student cities such as Amsterdam and Utrecht, but they are not convinced about the programmes. That is our chance to ask, ‘Have you ever considered Wageningen?'