News - November 18, 2004

Time capsule removed

University Rector Professor Bert Speelman called it a good joke, the students’ attempt to steal the time capsule last week. After the laying of the foundation stone of the Forum Building was over a number of students tried to make off with the safe containing the time capsule.
The safe, which had been filled with messages for the future, was buried in the concrete of the foundation stone last week during the ceremony, but floated up to the top because of its too low specific gravity. To deal with the problem builders had nailed a few wooden planks over the hole to keep the safe in its place. These turned out to be easy to remove, as a number of students discovered. They then proceeded to remove the safe from its hole. Edgar Vos, in charge of building for Environmental Sciences, witnessed the event and even took photos. ‘I saw a couple of students messing about with the safe and said they should leave it alone.’ In the end the students managed to get the safe out of the hole while the organisers of the event were busy closing up the building site. The safe was found the next day in the pit. / JH