Nieuws - 7 juni 2006


It is not yet certain whether there will be internal competitions and other sports events for students in Wageningen next year. Thymos, the Wageningen University sports foundation, has only two candidates for board positions next year, whereas there is work for six. They really need to be able to start in September. ‘It is difficult to live off a bestuursbeurs [the one-year grant you get for taking a year off from studying to perform a job on the board of a student organisation], but I’ve learned a lot about organising, writing policy plans, and working together with others. It was worth a year of hard work,’ says Thymos board member Marinka Steur. So if Wageningen is to retain its position as the university town with the best sports activities, where the sports interests of students are well represented, Thymos needs more people willing to help. / YdH