Nieuws - 8 februari 2012

Thymos is organizing a skating tour on natural ice

Frozen noses, cramp in your calves, a stiff back and at the end a glass of hot chocolate. If you feel like a day of ice-cold sporting activity, make sure you are at the Bongerd by 8 a.m. on Thursday, wrapped up warm and with your skates in your bag.

Sports club Thymos has organized a tour on natural ice for skating fans in the Weerribben national park. 'You can skate for 20 kilometres or 40 kilometres but you do already need to be able to skate', says chairperson Aafke Nijhuis.
It's a great opportunity for students to get their skates on for a long journey because the transport to the nature reserve is free. Nijhuis: 'They will only be charged for the costs of taking part in the tour. We don't yet know how much that will be but probably less than 10 euros.'
The bus, which is being paid for by the sports centre, has room for 62 people. 'It's first come, first served, so you need to be quick', advises Nijhuis. The counter stood at ten yesterday.
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