Student - 7 november 2012

Thymos bicycle path opened

The management of sports association Thymos opened the bicycle path which will link the sports centre to the Forum and Orion buildings this morning.


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A bicycle race was held to mark the opening of this easier route to the sports facilities. A handful of students sped off at top speed over the path between the Bongerd and the campus. The path has not been completed yet, as those who make use of it now will be blocked by a ditch. From there, they can turn right to Atlas or left to the Bornsesteeg. In time to come, the cycle path will be extended to the new teaching building Orion.
The path is named 'Thymos Path' by the management of the sports association, who has also put up a street sign. 'It would be nice if everyone calls it this way,' says chairperson Marianne. 'We can use it to publicize Thymos, as well as the university.'