Nieuws - 29 september 2009

Three overseas professors come on board

Wageningen University has added three overseas professors to its ranks. They are: Vitor dos Santos from Spain, professor of Cellular Systems Biology; Martin Herold from Germany; professor of Geo-information Science; Claudio Minka from Italy, professor of Land Use Planning.

Herold succeeds Michael Schaepman to head the GIS-group; Minka replaces Jaap Lengkeek in the area of social-spatial analysis. These three appointments coincide with the advice from international review committees to recruit more overseas scientists. While the committees are full of praise for the Wageningen research schools, they find the composition of foreigners in the scientific staff too low. Rector Martin Kropff: 'We were already working on this aspect. Currently, we recruit at the international level and Wageningen UR's overseas reputation is getting better and better.'