Student - March 3, 2016

‘This is it’ theme of new AID

Linda van der Nat

With a mixed version of ‘This is what it feels like’ the AID board announced the theme of the coming Annual Introduction Days (AID) Tuesday evening: This is it.


‘This is what it is about. This is the beginning of your student time, this is Wageningen’, the board member Rinske de Vries explains the theme. ‘We wanted a strong theme that would go with a bang. So that the new first year students know that this is the moment that their new life will start and that they need to grab the moment with both hands.’

Right after the theme was announced the registration for the mentors during the AID opened. The registrations are rolling in, says Rinske. ‘Already 85 people signed up, mostly bachelor mentors.’ The registration for bachelor mentors will close on 9 March at 12.00. The registration for the master program is opened a bit longer.


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  • Optimistische Pessimist

    Dit is het, beter wordt het niet ;-)

    • Amicale galspuwer

      Ja verdomme, wat ontzettend inhoudsloos. Krijg er kramp van.