Nieuws - 5 december 2011

'They get their girls from Nutrition'

Agrotechnology has been hailed as the best Bachelor's course in the Netherlands for the fourth year running. This time round, it has a never before been attained and incredibly high score of 98 out of 100.

How did they do that? We spoke to lecturers Dennis, Bastiaan and Willem.
What is your secret?
Dennis: 'The enthusiastic lecturers, maybe.'
Willem: 'Being small certainty plays a role. The students know one another and stimulate one another in their enthusiasm for the subject.'
Bastiaan: 'The course is also very special, and you knowingly choose it for this.'
There are many males in your course...
Willem: That's true. A little more than ninety percent, although the percentage of girls is rising.'
Dennis: 'Evidently, you don't particularly need to have girls around to have a well-appreciated course.'
Bastiaan: 'No. The boys are not here for that either. They get their girls from Nutrition.'
It's been said that your course is populated by submissive country folks...
Willem: 'Not at all; the internal lecturer evaluation shows that there are some sharp lessons to be learned now and then.'
Dennis: 'Look too at where our students end up in: research departments of big companies in agri-business, for example. Many of them remain in the scientific sector also; these really are the critical and independent thinkers.'
What tips can you give to courses wanting to get a high score?
Willem: 'Provide real education, be involved as a lecturer, and make sure that there are many contact hours.'|
Dennis: 'Why, for example, would you assign a student-assistant to a lab session? If you yourself are in charge, you not only strengthen the bond, you also see where bottlenecks in the curriculum are.'
Aiming to clinch the last two points next year?
Willem: 'No thanks. 98 points is already so incredibly high; 100 would be highly incredible.'
Bastiaan: 'It looks like a dictatorial ballot box outcome.'
Dennis: 'No, one thing's for sure: things can only go down from now on.'