News - May 17, 2010

'There has been a lot of luck involved but it had to be this way.'

Who? Raoul Bino
What? Is returning to Wageningen
Where? AFSG director as of 1 July
Why? Had trouble settling in Delft

Why did you leave Delft so quickly?
I don't want to say too much about it as that wouldn't be proper. Speculation about friction between me and the former Dean is totally unfounded. He has provided me with all kinds of support. However, my heart is in Wageningen. Wageningen leads other universities when it comes to sound business operations. What is more, I'm interested in contract research organizations. I find it energizing to do business with international clients and thus turn research into something of value.'

Your application for this job came in at the last minute. Why was that?
'I had only just come to the conclusion that Delft had not turned out to be what it should have been.  Coincidentally I mentioned this to Martin Kropff and Aalt Dijkhuizen at just the right moment. Within two or three days I had had an interview with both the appointment committee and the Workers' Council and had been offered the job.'

Hadn't you just sold your house?
'No, the sale didn't go through in the end as the buyer had second thoughts three days after the contract had been signed. I am really pleased about that. There has been a lot of luck involved in this story but it had to be this way.'
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