Nieuws - 19 december 2011

There goes the 'Researchcentrum'

The Wageningen UR logo was taken down from the (old) administration centre on the Costerweg this morning. The huge thing will be taken away, but not to be put up again on the campus.

The logo is taken out from the roof of the administration building.
Next to the logo on the administration building was written 'Wageningen Universiteit en Researchcentrum', the old name of Wageningen University & Research Centre.
This afternoon, the fishes were taken out of the aquarium in the Atrium. 'It smells terrible,' commented an employee. The fishes have been transferred to Zodiac. In the meantime, as employees clean out their desks, waste-paper bins become fuller and fuller.
The main building will soon be somewhat emptier. It will close its doors officially on Friday afternoon. The occupants will move to Atlas during the Christmas break.
The administration centre is on the 'for sale' list.