News - August 20, 2017

The youngest AID participant: baby Siheng

Madhura Rao

In the busy city centre of Wageningen, a very interesting AID group was spotted on Saturday. Leading this group was the youngest AID participant ever: baby Siheng.

© Madhura Rao

Siheng was accompanying his father Fu Xing during some of the AID activities. Fu, who is from China, is doing his second master at Wageningen University in Biotechnology and this is his second AID.

Light version
‘This time I opted for the light version since I have a baby now’, he said. ‘I didn’t bring him along Friday but today he has already been with me for two activities. He is usually asleep at home but seems to be doing well as of now’, he continued.

Star of the group
Siheng was also accompanied by his mom and definitely seemed to be the star of the group. Keep a look out for this adorable baby on board!