News - December 8, 2010

The week of Sinterklaas

The past week was a bitter-sweet time for me.

The gift I received from Mrs. S.
I don't celebrate Christmas, let alone Sinterklaas. I didn't know it until Mrs. S told me the story of Coke Cola and Christmas in U.S. It was my first time to hear of Sinterklaas & Black Pete. Suddenly I realized I had been cheated by the Americans for more than 20 years.
I updated my status in 'Chinese Facebook', 'My friend, Sinterklaas is the authentic gift-man. Father Christmas in America is a pirate one.'

Watch out for your property
One week ago, my friend Ms. A's room was broken into. The laptop and PSP were stolen.
Then just before Sinterklaas, another burglary happened to my friend Ms. M. Again, the laptop and some the properties were stolen. The only comfort was that her portable drive was still there.
Once the Chinese Lunar New Year is coming, people will keep alert to their own property. I thought it's just some Chinese style. However, all crows are black, Holland is not as safe as I thought. Next Sinterklaas, don't forget to keep an extra eye to your treasure.

On Thursday night, I have a delicious dinner with Mr. & Mrs. S as usual. Before going home, I got a present from Mrs. S. It was a letter 'D' made of chocolate. I got a high expectation of the coming Saturday because of this delicate gift.

Mr. Lonely
Unexpectedly, Wageningen became an empty city on Saturday night. Soundless, dreary, chilly...On an impulse, I went out for a bicycle-ride at 00.30 a.m. From Dijkgraaf to International club, then to the Doctor's in the city, no acquaintance could I run into. What a lonely Sinterklaas night! I just needed a hug at that moment.

More than gifts
On the way back home, I recollected what I experienced in the past week and suddenly something came into mind:
Today is just not your day.
Sinterklaas is not merely about gifts
Loneliness reminds me where your family is.

Just a second, I refreshed again. When I came home, I sent my best Sinterklaas wishes to my friends all over the world, especially, my parents.

Thank you Sinterklaas, see you next year.

I don't like be too much sentimental, so here's a good reference to celebrate your Christmas: