News - May 3, 2010

The night is short for Quercus members

Student society Quercus put up its own stage in the town centre of Arnhem on Queen's Day. That was a bit of a problem as its members also partied away the night before, on Queen's Night.

Velp students clean up after Queen's Night.
It is just past 5 a.m. on the morning of Queen's Day. An orange flag flutters in the cold wind. Now and then, the wind also gets into a heap of plastic beer beakers swept together. The atmosphere is dark, cold and quiet. The last members of the student societies of VHL Velp left the premises a quarter of an hour ago. Two streets further off, a café is being re-stocked with beer. 'Yeh, the people are hungry for these', says the driver of one of the Heineken trucks.
Two hours later, Vincent Bouma opens the door to his student society. 'My housemates only arrived home just when I was about to leave, and we had one last beer together. Well, I had coffee.' Vincent walks quickly to the beer corner. 'Eight kegs were finished yesterday', he says, after which he turns on the coffee maker. Soon, the wisps of sweat and beer smells are replaced by the aroma of coffee. In the meantime, a trailer full of stage fixtures has arrived. 'That should have been here yesterday, but things went wrong then', says Chris Schipper. 'Our trailer began to sway from side to side, and we had to stop at the side of the road. The police forbade us to go any further.' Niek Zwiep feels that they ought to have seen that coming. 'That was a lousy construction and I went to their rescue with my own trailer.'
Not a fan
Further off, Remy Wisse takes a seat on a table. He had a committee reception on Wednesday, Queen's Night on Thursday and today is Queen's Day. 'I don't feel the fatigue yet; that will come tomorrow.' He won't want to miss any of these parties. 'I am not a fan of the Queen; it's the partying I go for. At Quercus, we know one another well, that's what I like. Meanwhile, we have been listed in the official programme. That's nice.' All the performances today have been arranged by the members themselves. A band gets a maximum of 25 Euros to cover its costs and a few drink coupons. The first band, Zeville, dreams of a national breakthrough with its performance. The opening host Vincent takes it all in behind the beer tap. 'Actually, I like the bits and pieces of preparation work much more.'