Organisatie - 1 december 2011

The multipurpose Dutch utensil


When I first saw this strange kitchen utensil I started to scratch my head and wonder what exactly it could be used for.


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Is it to help you flip pancakes, or do you need it when there is some stiff dirt to be scraped off your baking tray? But when I bought some cake and wondered how to distribute the pieces on the plates, I found its ‘real' purpose: it is ideal when you have to scoop up cake and put it on plates. Later on, when a Dutch family visited me and saw what I was doing with this kaasschaaf, they started to laugh and make some funny comments about it. At first I was astonished and did not understand what was going on. And when they explained to me what the role of this utensil actually is, I started to laugh too. Now I use it almost every day when preparing my sandwiches and every time I remember how much fun it was with the cake. But I still have some doubts. I suspect that Dutch people also use it as a turner and a spatula. Sooner or later I am going to find out.
Stanislav Dimitrov, Bulgarian MSc student of Biotechnology