Nieuws - 13 september 2012

'The lectureb room was the high point'

Who? Rob van Karnenbeek, supervising the construction of Orion on behalf of ABT
What? Teaching building Orion reaches its highest point
When? The flag will be hoisted next Tuesday

How high is it?
'The eaves are 40 metres above ground level, but the chimneys and some of the installations will get a bit higher. It's certainly the biggest building I've worked on.'
Is this moment a high point for you?
'In my humble opinion, no, not really. There are a lot of moments that make an impression on you in a building like this. Personally, I think the point when the frontage has been made watertight and draught-free is more important. Then you can start on the detailed finishing.  The really special moment for me was the installation of the steel construction for the large lecture room. And it fitted perfectly as well!'
So is the timing of this celebration random?
'No, no. The highest point is traditionally the moment when the basic structure has reached its peak. They used to celebrate with 'roof-tile' beer. Now we can work our way back down, finishing the construction. They will be taking away the first crane soon.'
Is the building work on schedule?
'Basically, yes. But we have had some delays. We still need to build the last section of roof, but first the steel staircase needs to be installed from above. We are working through to midnight this week and next in order to get everything done on time.