Organisatie - 12 maart 2015

The honest Dutch

Before my trip back home in October 2013, when I was in Wageningen as an exchange student, I decided to buy some tulip bulbs as a present for my parents, so I went shopping at the Oude Tol garden centre.

After shopping successfully, I returned home happy. Suddenly, I realised I had left my wallet at the  garden centre. I cycled like the wind, and searched all along the route I had taken through the  centre. I was horrified because inside the wallet I had a lot of money (900 euros) that I was saving  for a laptop, as well as my bankcards. I nearly lost all hope when I came to the cash desk, as it was  closed. Finally, I got to the information point. The lady behind the desk started asking me  questions, as if it was a quiz: the colour of my wallet, how much money was in it and so on. I  thought they’d contact me if they found it. But it turned out the lady was identifying whether I  really was the owner of the wallet. She asked for my name and surname and she looked at me and  the photo on my WUR card for a long time. She said I was not the man in the photo as I had long  hair when it was taken, but with a smile she took my wallet from their lost & found safe. I was very  happy and asked her how I could show my appreciation. However, she refused any token of  thanks. Unfortunately, if you lose your wallet in Uzbekistan, you probably won’t see it again. At  best you might find your wallet but without any money in it. What I want to say is that Dutch  people are very kind and honest. Olimkhuja Askarov, MSc Integrated Water Management, from Uzbekistan 

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Eerlijke Nederlanders
Tevreden kwam Olimkhuja  Askarov thuis van het  tuincentrum. Tot hij  besefte dat hij zijn portemonnee  verloren had,  met daarin 900 euro  cash. Als de wind fietste  Olimkhuja terug naar het  centrum. Daar stelde de  dame aan de informatiedesk  hem allerlei vragen  over de portemonnee.  Blijkbaar om te identificeren  of Olimkhuja echt de  eigenaar was, want ze  vond hem niet lijken op  de foto in de portefeuille.  Ze was overtuigd en gaf  hem zijn beurs terug.  Wat een eerlijke Nederlanders