Nieuws - 3 november 2011

The highflyers' club

Who? David Lentink, flight expert
What? He'll be speaking at TEDx in Amsterdam on 25 November
So? The audience is selected: anyone wanting to attend has to give apply, with their reasons.
Topic? An insect robot, a swallow robot and the Flight Artists film project.

'A conference, in their own words, 'for ideas worth spreading.' The format is: short and visual. As a speaker you have to keep it down to 18 minutes, and I find that very demanding in terms of preparation. And you are encouraged to have visuals - which appeals to me more, haha!'

'Both speakers and audience are selected. If you want to be there, you have to submit your reasons. Sound elitist, but it's not so bad compared with TED meetings in Oxford or California. There you have exceptional speakers on the stage and influential policymakers in the auditorium. Marcel Dicke spoke at a TED. I probably won't have that honour.'

How will you inspire your audience?
'They'll do that themselves. We are taking highspeed cameras with us from our Flight Artists project. We'll set up terraria in the foyer so that everyone can make a film during the break. This kind of camera really gives you another view of the world.'