Nieuws - 24 maart 2011

The friendly Dutch dog


Last summer in Holland, I went jogging. And while I was jogging I passed some dogs and their owners. Continuing on my way I suddenly heard a screaming voice behind me. When I turned to see what was happening I saw one of the dogs running after me, barking.

My instincts told me to run away, shifting from my rather relaxed jogging into a very high-speed running gear. This created a scene consisting of me running away, looking behind me and the dog barking and running even faster towards me. I heard the lady dog-owner screaming and started doubting whether she was actually trying to stop at the dog. Was she not telling him to run even faster behind me and to bite me, since the dog did not stop? In any case, I was just like that dog because it seemed that neither of us understood what the screaming meant.

After a while the four-legged creature reached the two-legged creature! I did not feel anything but fear - I could even not hear my own heart beating anymore. I presumed I had left it somewhere on the way. My mind went blank and all I could do was scream inside my head 'oh nooooooooooo! Dead! I'm dead!' Surprisingly, when the dog reached me it did nothing except bark and run in circles around me. 'Oh, is he saying hello to me?' That day I learned that the Dutch dog is a friendly dog and I should not run away from him. However, I would certainly advise you all to run when a dog in my country is after you! He probably has other intentions than greeting and playing. This experience really makes me aware of the fact that Dutch people keep their dogs as real "best friends". They really take care of their royal pets - making time in their schedules to take them for a walk and (in some cases) even letting them into their own bedrooms. 
Phetdala Oudone (Laos), MSc student Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management at Wageningen University.