Nieuws - 12 januari 2012

The favourite Christmas present? A book.

Wageningers go for content, it is sometimes said. Just look at what they choose as a Christmas present from the boss. Quad biking? Nobody. Sauna? Very few. Jewellery? Surely not!

What then? Books and magazines! Things you get something out of. Tintelingen statistics do not reveal whether Wageningers go for thrills with the novels of Saskia Noort or for knowledge from National Geographic, but we can guess.
This year's Christmas present was a Tinteling, to be selected from an online catalogue. Staff have until the end of March to pick their gift, but half have already done so. The most popular option is to choose a book from an online store (8 percent), closely followed by a magazine subscription (7 percent) and - splashing out - a meal at Humphrey's (5 percent).
Dutch literature has little to offer our international colleagues. But they do need to equip their new homes. The kitchen knife set was the number one choice among them, followed by the infrared massager, the blender and the scales. Very handy.