Nieuws - 6 januari 2011

The best farmer comes from VHL

Jurjen Oosterhuis has been chosen as the Best Farmer 2010. Oosterhuis, who farms in Hornhuizen in the province of Groningen, took the part-time Major in Entrepreneurship last year at VHL in Leeuwarden.

He ended top in the simulation game 'The Best Farmer'. Participants in this game had to play five rounds, work through a case study and give a video presentation. The trick for the participants in this management game is to sell their products in the right market and manage their finances properly. In the final round Oosterhuis extended his arable farm with a potato crisp factory plus business plan. That resulted in the jury giving him the highest score. His prize is an all-in study trip to Kenya.
A thousand teams in total started the competition at the end of October. A VHL student ended second. Kees Welboren, a third-year Dairy Farming student in Leeuwarden, formed Team Camping de Westert together with his parents.

The business game is an initiative of ABN Amro and a number of agrarian companies, including the supplier Agrifirm, the animal breeding organization CRV, the publisher Agrio and the plant breeding firm Limagrain. With this game they aim to encourage entrepreneurship among dairy farmers and arable farmers, who increasingly have to operate on the open market.